Nails of the Week

This weekend I was looking through my previous nail designs to help come up with an idea for today when I realized it’s been a while since I did a design where every nail was different. After deciding on this style, it didn’t take long to decided on this specific design.

I started by painting my thumb, middle, & ring fingers white, and the rest blue.
Once my base was dry, I used a single manicure sticker to block off what would be the white stripe on my ring fingers and used blue over that.
Then used another one on my middle fingers just above where I wanted my silver stripe & then painted along the edge in the same way I made stripes in my last manicure.
Then I used my silver to paint thin stripes of varying lengths on my pointer fingers, and on my thumbs I made two arching lines (imagine a necklace that’s doubled up).
Once the blue is dry on the ring fingers, the tape can be pulled off and silver stripes can be painted along the sides of the white stripes.
Lastly I used top coat to apply rhinestones and silver caviar beads to all my fingers but my ring fingers.


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