Nails of the Week

This week I wanted to do a manicure with warm fall tones. This mini Butter London polish was the only bottle I haven’t opened so I thought this would be a good week to use it (I wore the lightest color right away but didn’t blog a manicure with it yet). I had some trouble coming up with an idea but knew I wanted gold in the manicure, so when I was looking at my gold nail decals and polishes I thought why not wear my first Butter London purchase with my newest purchase.

After painting two coats of the dark beige color (I could have easily gotten away with one so this polish is great), I painted on the gold glitter polish, trying to get a higher concentration of glitter at the ends. As always, it’s difficult to photograph glitter, but I think I was able to achieve the glitter gradient I wanted by hand.

Butter London Yummy Mummy (from the mini set I bought from the NSale)/Butter London Stratford Honey


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