Under $35 Gift Guide

For my under $35 gift guide I tried to find things for men and women as well as a number of things that are gender neutral.

1. If you know someone who loves MAC brushes but can’t splurge on such an item, then this set of mini brushes would be perfect for them. You get a typical powder, shadow, and liner brush all in shorter mini forms, plus the cutest little bag to carry them in. Not to mention they are the CUTEST sparkly rose gold and millennial pink color.

2. Scarves have been a popular gift exchange item in my family around the holidays and for good reason, you don’t have to worry about the size, and it’s relatively easy to find something trendy. Currently blanket scarves have been extremely popular, if you’ve ever worn one you’d know why.

3. 6-Pc. Mask Favorites Gift Set. This has to be the best time of year to try out different beauty and skin care items. What other time of year would one find this amazing set of 6 different brands best selling face mask all in one box?!

4. Like I said in my previous gift guide, I love Korean paper face mask, so I thought this set of 4 would be much appreciated by a fellow paper face mask addict.

5. Last Christmas I received a copy of Capture Your Style by Aimee Song and love it. I haven’t finished it yet because I’m slowly and carefully going through it and taking notes. If you know someone who is very serious about up-ing their Instagram game then they need this book.

6. This hors d’oeuvres serving tray would be perfect for a friend always playing hostess. Plus, this is also rose gold and millennial pink. JUST. TOO. CUTE. (and the box it comes in is pretty cute as well)

7. This cozy faux fur throw looks super soft and would look great in anyones living room.

8. These mini geometric day planters would be great for someone who likes succulents.

9. To be totally honest, this little Handheld Pac Man Game set the upper price limit for this gift guide. I found it while looking for gender neutral gifts/gifts for guys and thought it looked fun and nostalgic. It’s sure to make in vintage game lover smile at the very least.

10. I’ve never seen one of these Smartphone TV Magnifiers before and thought if you know someone who watches a lot of shows or YouTube videos on their phone, this would be great for them.

11. If you know any young twenty somethings living on their own for the first time, then they could probably use these really cool marble coasters. It’s not necessarily a necessity that one would think to buying right way when fist living on their own.

12. A few years back I use to have a Wreck This Journal and it’s pretty fun. It is a bit more of a book with creative prompts then it is a journal though.

13. I mostly picked this out because it looks so aesthetically pleasing, but it could be a great addition to someones bar or bar cart.

14. I found this retro pocket game after finding the Pac Man game and kind of thought “why not” and added it as another mini retro gaming option. It comes with 100 games, so who knows what old treasures could be hiding in there.

15. When looking for gifts more specifically for men I first found this bow tie & pocket square set. Which I thought would be great for a guy that likes their outfits to be well coordinated.

16. I always prefer tie clips over pins (who would want to put a pin through their nice clothes beats me) and thought this tie clip set was pretty cool.

17. My brother has Stance socks on his list this year, so I decided I had to add them to my gift guide since they are a guy approved gift. I picked out a basic pair that comes in 6 colors and this Stranger Things pair because well, its Stranger Things.





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