Nails of the Week

I was busy celebrating my sister’s 22nd birthday this weekend, so I wanted to do a quick, simple manicure in my available down time. Both my sister and grandma came to town on Friday night and my brother and his family came for the day on Saturday. I was so happy to see everyone, but I don’t see my sister or my 7 month old niece very often, so I was supper excited to see them.

There was a lot of fun, food, and games, but man I didn’t think about how much it would throw off my usually content creating schedule. I’ve always been a major procrastinator, so on the weekends I’m usually scrambling to prepare myself for the week. Admittedly not the best of habits for a blogger, but for now it still seems to work out for me. I’ve nearly got all my content for the week shot and hope to start working on next weeks content tomorrow, since I’ll be out of town next weekend and don’t know if I’ll have the time to shoot my content.

For these nails, I just used a dark grey as my base and once it was dry I used top coat to adhere the nail art decals to my nails.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine polish in Evelyn/Nail art decals from various places, similar black metal studs


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