Outfit of the Day

Hi guys. I volunteered at a kids end of the school year festival/fundraiser at my old elementary school the other weekend and wore this outfit. I helped out at a beach ball toss game. Of the three outfits I had planned on shooting next for the blog, I thought this one match the theme of my station best, so I decided to take the opportunity to be a little festive. I had to get up earlier than I usually do on a Saturday, but it felt good to volunteer and I had fun helping out at a festival I used to get so psyched about as a kid. I think I’ll do this every year, but will try and switch up what station I volunteer for every so often.


I was inspired to wear this outfit after seeing an Insta stories post from Francesca’s (a clothing store). The girl in Insta stories was wearing white high-waisted shorts with a white cami and kimono, and accessorized with a brown hat, belt, and sandals. Once I saw this look, I immediately clicked back and forth on this post to take a few screen shots of this girl talking about her outfit. I don’t have white shorts, but with wearing my white jeans with this look instead it was perfect for a moderately chilly spring day in the Midwest. When I was first planning this outfit I thought my kimono was a little off-white, but once I saw it paired with this much white I guess its cream. 😅 I actually almost chickened out the Saturday morning I put this on, but I’m really into it now and I’m glad I went for it. I’ll definitely be looking for an excuse to re-wear this next spring!

Brown panama hat from a local boutique, similar Francesca’s braided panama hat, & Nordstrom Brixton wool fedora/Forever 21 layered charm necklace, similar Forever 21 layered pendant necklace/Lace kimono from a boutique, similar Kohl’s paisley lace kimono, & Francesca’s mesh lace maxi kimono/Wet Seal crop tee, similar Nordstrom Topshop crop t-shirt/Forever 21 cami/Forever 21 skinny belt, similar Target skinny belt/Timing white pocket jeggings, similar Forever 21 mid-rise jeans/Pampili kids sandals, similar women’s Francesca’s multi strap gladiator sandal, & Nordstrom Madewell lace-up sandal


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