Nails of the Week

I haven’t done marble nails or a negative space manicure in a while, so this week I thought I’d combine both and came up with this. The pink marble looked a little cooler in my head, but oh well.

I first painted my middle two fingers pink, and while using tape to block of the negative space I painted the rest of my fingers black.
To paint the marble design on my pink nails I first paint my black polish on crinkled up plastic wrap, dabbed the excess polish on some paper, then dabbed it onto my pink nails a few times.
Then I used a top coat on my pink nails because I was okay with the black polish smearing, but not the nail polish in the next step.
Then I put a few drops of gold polish in a little cup of water and sprayed it with an alcohol based liquid. I don’t use hair spray (which is what most use) but I found that perfume works well.
Placed my pink nails on the best looking area, lifted away from the water and let dry for a few seconds, and then use a tooth pick to collect the excess polish.
For the final step of the pink marble nails, I decided to add nail stickers too them because why not.
Next I paint on a matte top coat on the black nails, being extra careful to cover the base of my nails first so the polish wouldn’t smear over my negative space.
Once that was dry, I used then nail tape to create the triangles and used gold as well as a gold glitter top coat for extra shine.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Frill Seeker/OPI Black Onyx/Essie Good As Gold/Revlon Matte Top Coat/Butter London Stratford Honey


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