Top 10 Fashion Purchases of 2018

In 2018 I bought a number of trends I’ve either been thinking about buying, or I’ve been trying to find in my size for a while. Continue reading “Top 10 Fashion Purchases of 2018”

Winter Coats & Blanket Scarves

We’re officially halfway through winter, and if you live in the Midwest or somewhere equally as cold as me, that halfway point still means there’s 2, maybe 2.5 months of a brutally cold winter left. This halfway point is also around the time when winter coats go on sale. So, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite wool and hooded coats, as well as blanket scarfs, to give you the extra motivation and inspiration to get trough this time when we all just want to dress for spring. Some are on sale, most (coats) are under $200, and I tried to organize all from least to most expensive.

Continue reading “Winter Coats & Blanket Scarves”

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