Eras Outfits: Red (Taylor’s Version)

Red is the fourth Taylor Swift era and with it we see a notable change in her style. Gone are the young, whimsical looks that marked the first three eras, now we see a more mature Taylor dressed in modern casual looks as well as classic 50’s silhouettes in her day-to-day life, and her tour looks ranging from preppy chic, to vintage glam, and theatrical romantic looks. The color palette for this era is of course red, along with black, white, navy, and beige. As always, the outfits will be listed from least to most expensive.

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


If you’d like to keep things simple, the easiest and most obvious way to get your era outfit inspo across is by wearing a red dress. A dress like this with a romantic yet mature silhouette will not be confused with any other era. With it, just pair some black ankle boots and you’re set.

Satin Bardot Cut Out Mini Dress//Square Toe Heeled Ankle Boots


One of Taylor’s Red era tour looks was an “I heart LA” tee worn with red hot pants (presumably worn at her LA tour dates). I found this “I heart” baby tee that can be worn with the closest thing I found to red hot pants, red bike shorts. Pair it with some lace-up boots for a super comfy Red era outfit.

“I Heart” Baby Tee//Seamless Ribbed Bike Shorts//Lace-Up Chelsea Boots


I took a shot in the dark and tried to find a more wearable spring/summer version of Taylor’s outfit worn on the Red (Taylor’s Version) album cover and somehow found this wrap dress that looks like a trench coat! Unfortunately, the baker boy hat I found is less of a color match. But, the outfit Taylor wears under her hat and coat is all black, so wearing this black hat with some black ankle boots should still work out great for a Taylor’s Version Red era outfit.

Baker Boy Hat//Wrap Tux Midi Dress//Square Toe Heeled Ankle Boots


It’s time for another red dress look, this time let’s go with a dress that mixes Taylor’s street style with her concert style. This dress has a classic silhouette with a corset detail in the back giving it a romantic flare. We’ll use these ankle boots again to let dress be the focal point of your Red era outfit.

Corset Detail Cut Out Skater Dress//Square Toe Heeled Ankle Boots


One of Taylor’s preppy chic tour looks was a bold striped long sleeve shirt with red skinny pants. I thought it would be extra fun to wear this striped shirt with a red heart on it. Complete the look with these red skinny pants and lace-up shoes for your preppy chic Red era look.

Striped Top with Heart Motif//Skinny Vinyl Pants//Brogue Lace-Up Shoes


In the music video for “22”, one of the outfits Taylor wears is a shimmery black outfit with a cat ear headband. I found this two pack of cat ear headbands and paired it with a similar shimmery outfit and some comfy looking boots.

2 Pack of Cat Ears//Sequin Bodysuit//Glitter Mini Ruched Skirt//Lace-Up Chelsea Boots


With the final red dress look I’m including in my list, I found this dress that is reminiscent of a few of Taylor’s Red tour looks. With it, I paired a set of locket necklaces (if you know, you know), and, for the last time, I’m using these ankle boots with the look.

Locket Necklaces//Ruched Waist Mini Dress//Square Toe Heeled Ankle Boots


An iconic red tour look of Taylor’s was a varsity jacket outfit and I found a great dupe of her look. A red varsity jacket like this is key. With it, wear a bold navy and white striped shirt, navy bike shorts that we are once again using as a replacement for hot pants, as well as some preppy looking lace-up shoes.

Varsity Jacket//Navy and White Striped Long Sleeve//Bike Shorts//Brogue Lace-Up Shoes


This outfit is based on Taylor’s most iconic Red era look. Both in the original album cover and on tour Taylor wore a white button down with black shorts. On the album cover she wears a black hat and in some other album photoshoot images she wears a black tie. Here I found all of the key pieces you need, as well as some red shoes. Though on tour Taylor wore red oxfords, these were the best thing I could find.

Adjustable Black Fedora//Satin Skinny Tie//Satin Cropped Shirt//Petite Faux Leather Shorts//Rhinestone Ankle Boots


With the final look from the Red era we have an outfit based on one of Taylor’s most dramatic tour looks, what I can best describe as a red romper with a full cape-like skirt. Somehow I was able to find this amazing red jumpsuit that actually has a detachable skirt overlay. What could be better for our show-stopping look to wrap up this era? With it I had to pair some equally fun shoes and found these peep toe boots. 

Jumpsuit with Detachable Embroidered Overlay//Peep Toe Boots


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