Eras Outfits: Midnights

Midnights is our tenth era and with it we have a lot of sources to take inspiration from. In the album’s photoshoot we see Taylor don 70’s inspired looks with crestfallen and broody expressions in equally moody lighting. In stark contrast, we see her wear gleaming modern looks out to awards shows in this era. A combination of these looks can be seen in the three music video releases for this album. The aesthetic of all of these looks perfectly mirrors the wild ride of emotions we get in the album’s songs. With the name of the album being Midnights, we get a subtle star motif popping up throughout this era. The album’s color scheme is blue of course, as well as shades of brown, peach, silver, and gold, along with some lavender and maroon thanks to the songs “Lavender Haze” and “Maroon”. As always, the outfits will be listed from least to most expensive.

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


If you prefer to keep things simple and comfy, taking inspiration from the first outfit worn in “Lavender Haze” music video is your best bet for getting your era outfit inspo across. Taylor wears an oversized lavender t-shirt with white sleep shorts and fluffy white slippers. We can easily translate that into a wearable look with this oversized t-shirt dress, bike shorts, and chunky sneakers. With that, you not only have a very comfy, but also very affordable “Lavender Haze” music video look.

Oversized T-Shirt Dress//White Bike Shorts//Chunky Sneakers


If you want to go for that 70’s vibe, then let’s take inspiration from the final outfit worn in the “Lavender Haze” music video. Taylor wears a patterned tie-back knit top with mustered colored corduroys and sneakers. Here I found a similar knit top and corduroys and paired them with the same sneakers from before.

Knit Crop Top//Corduroy Pants//Chunky Sneakers


For an VMA’s afterparty Taylor wore a blue satin mini dress with silver diamanté trim and star embellishments. For a more approachable and affordable rendition of this look, I found this long sleeved navy dress with an all-over star print and paired it with a silver star embellished hair comb and matching silver heels.

Celestial Hair Comb//Star Print Navy Dress//Embellished Block Heels


Taking direct inspiration from one of the many 70’s album shoot looks, I found a similar open collar sweater and brown corduroys. I’ve paired it with our comfy looking sneakers from before, as well as a pack of star & moon earrings for some added Midnights flare.

Star & Moon Earring Pack//Open Collar Sweater//Fit & Flare Corduroy Pants//Chunky Sneakers


In Taylor’s first look we see in the “Anti-Hero” music video, she wears a geometric print short sleeved collared shirt with brown corduroys and color-coordinating sneakers. Here I found a very similar combination of items and paired it with some matching press-on nails for fun.

Press-On Nails//Retro Crop Top//Fit & Flare Corduroy Pants//White & Tan Sneakers


The most memorable “Lavender Haze” music video look Taylor wears is a blue shaggy faux fur jacket worn over a satin green nightgown. For a more affordable version of this look (a more expensive and accurate version is further down the list) I stared with this faux fur trim jacket and layered it over a lace trim dress in a similar over-all color palette to the music video. Since the outfit is just made up of these two key pieces, I’ve paired it with some simple clear mules, and added these star press-on nails because I had to add them to one of my looks.

Star Press-On Nails//Shaggy Faux Fur Trim Jacket//Lace Trim Cami Dress//Clear Flare Heeled Mules


This look is inspired by who I will call “Second Taylor’s” outfit in the “Anti-Hero” music video. The “Second Taylor” is a glam concert performing version of Taylor and she wears a vertically striped bodysuit with sequin hot pants and green knee high boots. In lieu of the striped bodysuit, I found a knit crop top in a similar pattern and paired it with sequin shorts and electric green knee high boots. Add these face & eye crystals for your super fun “Anti-Hero” music video concert look.

Face & Eye Crystals//Knit Halter-Neck Crop Top//Sequin Shorts//Stiletto Knee High Boots


Here we have the aforementioned more accurate version of the glam “Lavender Haze” music video outfit. As our main item, we have what could pass as a cropped version of the jacket Taylor is seen wearing with a satin dress in a very similar shade of light green to her nightgown. I’m using these clear mules once more because again, with these two pieces of clothing you don’t need much else. For fun added fun we’re including these star face gems because, after all, it is a concert look.

Star Face Gems//Cropped Shaggy Faux Fur Jacket//Lace Trim Satin Cami Dress//Clear Flare Heeled Mules


For our second to last look, we have an impressive rendition of Taylor’s VMA’s afterparty look. This dress with a similar navy satin fabric and diamanté trim is key. Wear this fluffy white jacket loosely around your shoulders much like Taylor did, as well as some silver platforms. To invoke the star motif, I found these galaxy detailed false lashes and rhinestone embellished hair clips that are perfectly on theme. 

Star & Moon Hair Clip Set//Galaxy False Lashes//Faux Fur Fluffy Jacket//Satin Diamanté Trim Midi Dress//Glitter Platform Heels


For our final show-stopping look, we obviously have to have something “Bejeweled”. This look is mainly inspired by Taylor’s glam VMA’s red carpet look, but also the silver bejeweled bodysuit worn in the “Bejeweled” music video. We’re starting with this embellished mini dress with an off-the-shoulder moment similar to the red carpet look and layering on a crystal clad body harness to add in the halter neck silhouette it has as well (and because it’s clearly not bejeweled enough) . Complete the look with some equally embellished heels and you have yourself a beautifully “Bejeweled” concert look.

Draped Crystal Body Harness//Draped Shoulder Embellished Mini Dress//Embellished Heeled Sandals


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