Eras Outfits: Lover

My favorite era, Lover, is the seventh era. With it, we see a happier, lighter Taylor after recovering from the previous era and all the things that led up to it. This era is more colorful, in fact I think we can say it’s the most colorful. We have a return of over dramatic whimsy with flow-y dresses and ballgowns, but this time it is offset by a casual wardrobe of t-shirts and denim. Imagery such as hearts, flowers, clouds, and rainbows are seen throughout this era, and the color scheme is mainly pink and blue, with yellow and purple. As always, the outfits will be listed from least to most expensive.

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


If you prefer to keep things simple, then this heart print mini dress sums up the Lover era aesthetic perfectly. With it, I paired these beaded sandals that are giving friendship bracelet and candy necklace vibes, as well as a purple ring that makes me think of my favorite song from this era “The Archer”.

Purple Heart Enamel Ring//Heart Print Polo Mini Dress//Beaded Heeled Sandals


With this next outfit, we’ll be taking inspiration from the album cover. On it, I believe Taylor is wearing a white t-shirt with a blue and pink filter over her image, so I started with a blue t-shirt as the outfit’s base. I paired a pastel tie dye denim skirt with it to invoke the cotton candy ski/sunset in the albums background. I was able to find some temporary blue hair dye and heart shaped face gems which will be your most important accessories for this look, and lastly I’m using these beaded sandals again because I think they’re just so fun for this era.

Blue Hair Dye//Face & Eye Crystals//Petite Crop T-Shirt//Tie Dye Mini Skirt//Beaded Heeled Sandals


Here, we’ll be taking inspiration from one of Taylor’s performance looks (sadly, we’ll only have a few performance looks as inspiration and no tour looks because 2020 happened). An iconic look from this era is the fringe and rainbow outfit Taylor wore to an iHeartRadio performance. To emulate a similar look, I found this multi print midi dress and paired it with matching fuchsia heels, and a shimmery fringe jacket.

Petite Sequin Fringe Jacket//Cowl Neck Satin Midi Dress//Embellished Heeled Mules


If you want to lean-in to the clouds and rainbows theme seen throughout this era, then please get these sandals, they just really make me smile! With them I found a few pastel rainbow colored things you can wear, a t-shirt with a striped heart, this perfectly color-coordinated mini skirt, and some nail wraps. I also paired this bracelet two pack with it for a sort of friendship bracelet vibe, but if you have time to make a few of your own please do.

Bracelet Two Pack//Pastel Nail Wraps//T-Shirt with Rainbow Heart//Rainbow Stripe Mini Skirt//Cloud Print Platform Heeled Sandals


In the “ME!” music video Taylor and some background dancers can be seen wearing pastel suits, so I thought I’d include a blazer dress as an outfit option. With this pink one, I’ve paired some heart embellished sandals as well as a layered necklace with a heart.

Multipack Heart & Butterfly Shape Necklace//Fitted Blazer Dress//Heart Embellished Mule Sandals


When I saw this bright pink dress with its crochet and pearl embellished bodice, I knew I had to include it in the Lover era outfits, it’s just so sweet, romantic, and girly. With it, I’m using these heart embellished sandals again because they’re a perfect color match to the dress, as well as another bracelet set for that friendship bracelet vibe.

Bracelet Three Pack//Embellished Crochet Mini Skater Dress//Heart Embellished Mule Sandals


Taylor’s most memorable music video outfit from this era is the pink bathing suit she wore with a fluffy fuchsia jacket, cay eye sunglasses, pearl heart earrings, and sparkly heels she wore in “You Need To Calm Down”. I was able to come up with a very similar look by pairing this pink set with a fluffy fuchsia jacket and other similar accessories.

Cat Eye Sunglasses//Pearl Heart Drop Earrings//Faux Fur Jacket//Skirt & Tie Top Set//Lilac Glitter Heels


As for awards show outfits, the most iconic one of this era has to be the sequin romper and butterfly heels Taylor wore on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet. For this look I found a sequin mini dress and butterfly heels as well as some other key accessories. It may have been hard for some to tell with Taylor’s hair pulled back in a pony, but she had some pink hair dye in the ends of her hair, so I linked some temporary dye to be worn with this look. Lastly, Taylor’s Instagram post of this outfit had a hear filter over it, so I added these cute false lashes with hearts attached to them to complete your look.

Pink Hair Dye//Heart False Lashes//Sequin Halter Mini Dress//Embellished Butterfly Heels


If you want a more direct dupe of the outfit Taylor wore in the “ME!” music video, I found this petite blazer set in a similar shade of yellow. With it, I paired a simple white button down, pink satin tie, and sparkly pointed heels.

Satin Tie//Petite Blazer Set//Fitted Button Down Shirt//Diamanté Bow Heels


With the final show-stoping look for the Lover era, I wanted to lean-in to the glitter and rainbows that brought so much joy. I found this dazzling sequin fringe mini dress and paired it with some ultra cute rainbow press-on nails as well as some glittery lilac heels.

Rainbow Press-On Nails//Embellished Tasseled Sequin Mini Dress//Lilac Glitter Heels


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