Eras Outfits: The Self Titled Album

I’ll be sharing 10 outfits for each of the 10 Taylor Swift Eras, and yes I had realized that that is 100 outfits total… halfway through making this post. 😅 Anyway, to keep things simple for myself, I’ve decided to exclusively look as ASOS (not sponsored, but ASOS PLEASE DM me) since they have a wide range of styles and price points.

For the first era, the self titled “Taylor Swift” album, our outfit inspiration comes from the album cover photoshoot, butterfly motifs on said album, her love of cowboy boots, and Y2K trends in general since the debut album came out in 2006. The color palette we’ll be working with is teal, light blues, greens, and neutrals. I’ll list the following outfits from least to most expensive, so if you dare to click the linked items at the bottom, you wallet has been warned. 

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


If you prefer to keep things simple and low-key, taking inspiration from the outfit worn on the album cover is your best bet for getting your era outfit inspo across. Taylor wears a simple white dress while sitting in a river or pond. Just add some simple cowboy boots that you can easily re-wear again along with some butterfly clips for an effortlessly OG Swift look.

Butterfly Claw Clips//Ruffled White Dress//Ankle Cowboy Boots


If you want to lean-in to the butterfly motif then please, please get these pale green boots with plastic BUTTERFLIES looped through the laces! Wear with your favorite jeans and this very Y2K inspired mesh crop top in a perfect OG era color scheme along with a handful of matching butterfly clips. Also, please note that the boots are rubber, so it might be best to wear long enough socks to keep the top of the boots from rubbing agains your ankles.

Butterfly Claw Clips//Strappy Cami Crop Top//Butterfly Lace-Up Rubber Boots


For the maximalist wanting to lean-in to the Y2K trend while also giving OG era, then get this butterfly print mesh dress that is basically screaming both. To go with the more is more that is maximalism style, add press-on butterfly rainbow french tips, jelly shoes, and of course some colorful butterfly clips.

Butterfly Claw Clips//Press-On Nails//Body-Con Mini Dress//Jelly Shoes


It’s time for another little white dress, this time we’re keeping it sleek yet simple with this sequin mini and some cowboy boots that are the perfect mix between traditional and modern. Please excuse me while I give myself a pat on the back for a perfect mid-tier price point outfit.

Allover Sequin Mini Dress//Cowboy Boots


If you want to get wild, and I do mean WILD with you choice of cowboy boots, then let’s go with these boots that perfectly aline with the OG album colors. Pair with this subtly multi-colored sequin dress to show your OG album spirt.

Sequin Cowl Neck Dress//Embellished Cowboy Boots


For a glam album outfit cover look, we have to start with a white maxi dress. With it, I paired these dainty gold butterfly friendship bracelets and ultra cool girl silver fold-over cowboy boots. I don’t normally mix metals, but I think with a neutral outfit like this, it totally works.

Butterfly Friendship Bracelets//Wrap Maxi Dress//Fold-Over Cowboy Boots


Now that we’re getting more up there in price point, let’s bring on the glam country girl look with a fringe mini. Pair it with these simple white cowboy boots and some fabric butterfly clips and you’re good to go.

Fabric Butterfly Hair Clips//Fringe Mini Dress//White Cowboy Boots


As far as dresses go, there is probably nothing more quintessentially Y2k then a babydoll dress, and with the embellishments on this one I really can’t help but see a young Taylor preforming “Tim McGraw” in this. Once again we’re adding these silver fold-over cowboy boots to a look because, well, they match perfectly and they’re too cool not to reference again.

Disco Shift Mini Dress//Fold-Over Cowboy Boots


When I saw this pastel tiered mini dress I just knew I had to include it in my OG era looks because the color scheme couldn’t be more perfect. With this girly-glam look, I’ve paired some purple and green butterfly heels and some dainty bracelets. I also found some perfectly color coordinated butterfly face/hair gems, I don’t know how well these work but I think they’d be worth a try to complete this look. 

Butterfly Shaped Face & Hair Gems//3 Pack of Bracelets//Pastel Tiered Mini Dress//Butterfly Heeled Sandals


With the final look from the OG era, let’s go all-out glam. This fringe midi dress in the right shade of teal is our perfect little show-stopper for this era. With a glam dress like this, we need some equally glam heels and these strappy pale blue ones with a butterfly detail are it. Since we’re going all-out, why not add a pair of false lashes? But not just any falsies, these lavender butterfly false lashes. And lastly, say it with me, a butterfly clip. This time we’re going with a more elevated style to do a quick half-up look.

Butterfly Claw Clip//Lavender Butterfly False Eyelashes//Fringe Midi Dress//Butterfly Strappy Heels

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